Jewelry is an important part of any outfit. It can elevate your mood, self-esteem and turn around your whole day. It can complement the simplest outfit in the most sophisticated way and have you feeling like a sexy vixen even if all you're wearing is a simple white tee and basic denim.

Meet Corail Blanc, the newest and trendiest Montreal jewelry store! The twist? They're spoiling us with a variety of cool and relevant jewelry pieces that have that Australian touch. If you know anything about fashion, you know that Australia is the epitome of perfection. Anything from this country looks and feels fabulous. I'm not even kidding, Aussies are so effortlessly boho-chic, it's addictive.

I stopped by Corail Blanc's brand new store this Monday, December 14th. Sweet bites and hot drinks were served in a cool boho atmosphere. So lovely! I fell completely in love with their pieces and want everything. K, thanks!

Photo cred - MTL blog

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