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Top 20 Funniest Tattoos In Montreal

Who says "art" has to be serious.

(Photo cred - Moth Miranda Jeffrey Gallant)

When people go to get a tattoo they're usually looking for something beautiful, something original, something that will leave everyone else in awe. 

The there are those who aren't looking to get a tattoo for aesthetic purposes, they just want something funny.  

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And after doing the research for this article I found out two things: first,  Montreal has some best tattoo artists in the world. And second, Montrealers are funny AF.

***Is your tattoo funnier? Post a photo of it in the comment section!***

Here are the 20 funniest tattoos in Montreal: 

via @empresa_cartel


via @tatouageroyal

Artist: Joel Marlo

via @_deuxpointzero

Artist: 2.0

via @_deuxpointzero

Artist: 2.0

via @angustattoos

Artist: Angus!

via @olyangertattoo

Artist: Karl Wojciechowski

via @tattoosbyrian

Artist: Rian Desourdie

via @spicykactustattoo

Artist: Spicy Kactus

via @wckd.witch.of.the.west

Artist: Chloé Szemes 

via @steristudio

Artist: mtlknox

via @mothmiranda

Artist: Moth Miranda 

via @tatouage_dfa_tattoos

Artist: Josi Labelle

via @studioartease

Artist: Rian Desourdie

via @tattoosbyrian

Artist: Rian Desourdie

Via reddit

Artist: Sean Arsenian

Via reddit

Artist: David Cote

Via reddit

Artist: Spencer Chase

via @jeffreygallanttattoo

Artist: Jeffrey Gallant

via @josilabelletattoo

Artist: Josi Labelle

via @sexcauldr0n

Artist: Angus!

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