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Toronto Vs. Montreal: Where Should You Be Living?

The differences are astounding!

Montreal and Toronto are two of Canada's biggest cities and there's a little bit of rivalry between them it seems. I've had the pleasure of living in both of these amazing cities in my life. I grew up in Toronto and I moved here for school 4 years ago and I've lived here since then! 

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I love both of these cities equally because even though there's tons of differences between them, both are amazing cities. I moved here from Toronto because I wanted to get out of the city I grew up in and discover a brand new city and I definitely don't regret it.

I've clearly grown to love this city as my own, I mean I write for a blog dedicated to everything to do with Montreal! But every now and again I miss Toronto and it's massive city core. Both cities are unique and it's hard to compare them to each other, but if you break it down you can definitely discover some things that are different and that they have in common.

So if you're considering which a move from one city to the other, or if you're wondering if you're living in the right city for you, this list should help out a little bit! 

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