'Tis the season in Montreal for all things beautiful and bright! With the snow rolling in and the holiday season fastly approaching the entire city seems to be dressing itself up to look its best. Old Montreal has however caught our attention the most with its uniquely unconventional Christmas trees. Instead of the traditional pine tree they chose and normal bare tree and wrapped them up in very bright white lights that glow like almost nothing you have ever seen. If you are looking for something unique to do on a date or are just bored one night we suggest you go and find all 3 of said trees in and around Old Montreal. Below are listed all the places you can find them. Happy tree hunting everyone!

1. Place Royale

Votre #quartierdenoel s'illumine ! // #hohoholdmontreal, 'Tis the season! ?✨ #oldmontreal #vieuxmontreal

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2. Place D'Armes

3. Square des Frères-Charon

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