Mayor Denis Coderre is much loved by almost all Montrealers. I mean, he's had some pretty amazing ideas for the city and he knows how to get things done. One thing that he's also great at is social media - he's always active on his Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, however, his posts can come off a little, well, mom-ish, and here's why.

He likes to send little messages to make sure you're having a good day:

And he'll help you with your laundry:

And he wants you to get a job:

He hasn't quite figured out the whole technology thing yet:

And shares almost all of the same posts that your mom probably did:

He loves posting about his friends' babies:

And he REALLY loves Dennis Quiad:

Like any good mom, he's a big fan of the emojis:

And he's looking out for your health:

He enthusiastically wishes you a happy holiday. Every. Single. Holiday:

And he still wants you to believe in Santa:

He's very concerned about your happiness:

Like, really wants you to be happy.... Or he just REALLY likes this song:

He'll make adorable posts about his family:

And he loves a good wedding:

And of course he always wants to keep you inspired with a good quote or two:

For more brilliant postings like these, check out Denis Coderre on Facebook and Twitter

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