You Can Now Eat "Naked Sushi" In Montreal

Bon appétit!

Nyotaimori, or "body sushi" as it's more commonly known, is the Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the naked body of a woman.

The practice is said to have started way back in the samurai period in Japan. Victorious warriors would practice the tradition after winning a battle.

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Luckily these days you don't have to win any battles to enjoy body sushi. 

You just have to wait for an event worth celebrating, or you simply wait for one of your friends to get engaged. 

A company called Montreal VIP, which specializes in bachelor parties, now offers a body sushi package. 

You get you own master sushi chef, a private dining room in a downtown restaurant (seats 17), and a model trained in the art of Nyotaimori. 

If you gather 17 of your friends, it'll cost you less than $150 each! 

For more information about Montreal VIP's Body sushi package click here

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