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You Can Now Get A "Box Of Candy" Delivered To Your Home Every Month In Montreal

All your childhood favourites!

I can bet there's only a few people in this world that can actually admit that they don't love candy. I mean, we're all basically addicted to sugar at this point so why not enjoy it in a sweet and sour, gummy form without ever having to leave your home to get your fix! 

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That's the service that this company provides: a box full of sugary candies delivered directly to your door at the beginning of every month! 

via @laboiteabonbons

via @laboiteabonbons

It's called La Boite à Bonbons and their goal is to provide this fun service to all candy lovers, you can even buy a subscription as a gift for family and friends! 

Every month they offer a whole new set of 4 different candies depending on whether you chose the sweet package, sour package or the mixed package. 

via @laboiteabonbons

The September box of mixed candies includes little blue sharks, super sour mix, cola bottles and sour fish! It's like a monthly box of all your childhood favourites delivered straight to your doorstep! 

The cost is $27 per month but right now they're offering 15% off on your first candy box! They also allow you to unsubscribe or skip a month at any time after you've signed up.

via @laboiteabonbons

via @laboiteabonbons

Find out more information and subscribe on their website

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