You Can Now Get "Unicorn" Cakes And Cupcakes In Montreal

Edible happiness.

Show of hands: who here loves baked goods? I know, guys. That's a dumb question. Everyone loves baked goods.

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I know that sweets are awesome to eat; but for me, they're even more awesome to look at.

Sure, eating a cupcake is great. But watching a beautiful, perfect, work-of-art cupcake being created is what takes the cake for me! (Sorry, I think I'm funny).

And if you're anything like me, then one Montreal-based bakery is about to make all your beautiful pastry dreams come true. 

Le Cake Studio is an online made-to-order bakery, specializing in cakes that are as delicious as they are highkey freaking beautiful. 

Seriously, these are more like works of legit art. Le Cake Studio has a bunch of beautiful sweets to eat and behold, but my personal fave? Their unicorn selection. 

They've got unicorn cakes:

Unicorn cupcakes:

And (my personal fave) unicorn macarons:

And if you're not into unicorns, like come kind of heathen?
No worries! Legit, their Instagram is full of awesome ideas that'll impress all your guests at your next soiree. (Or just you at 4AM after that sweet tooth crave hits. Whatever. No judgements.) 

Sounds like the sweetest thing ever? Then check out Le Cake Studio's Instagram page for more information!

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