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You Can Now Ride "Flying Sky Bikes" Through The Forest In Quebec

A one-of-a-kind experience.

There are so many amazing opportunities for nature escape and adventure in our province. Just a short drive outside of Montreal and you will find yourself in nature-heaven. 

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When people are looking to get a real taste of our lush forests and nature they usually go for a hike.  However, hiking isn't for everyone and some creative alternatives exist for people who want a more unique experience.

<<Velo Volant>> is a unique activity and is the only one in all of Canada. Located at outdoor center  "Au Diable Vert" in Glenn Sutton, just 1-hour South of Montreal. 

Via audiablevert

Via audiablevert

Velo Volant isn't the only activity offered by the "Au Diable Vert".  This nature playground boasts all types of nature-based activities and different styles of accommodations for a longer stay.

Via audiablevert

For example, you can stay in one of these unique treehouses, fully equipped suites, or pod cabins.  If you're really into nature experience you can even go plain 'ol camping.

During your stay, you can partake in all types of awesome outdoor activities including kayaking, tubing, hiking, and fishing. Just to name a few.

Via audiablevert

Via audiablevert

This award-winning nature center is a great place to escape to for the weekend and it's super easy to check for availabilities. You can simply book your accommodation or reserve a spot at Velo Volant by clicking HERE.


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