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Montreal May Get "Light Rail Lines" From Downtown To The West Island

People have had plenty of gripes with the new Champlain bridge (the overall budget, tolls) but one feature may make up for all of the woes accompanying the major building project:

Two special light-rail lines may be built on the bridge that will allow Montrealers to easily reach both the West Island and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport from Downtown, according to the Gazette.

Talks are set to begin on the feasibility of creating such a public transit service, with the the light-rail project headed by institutional funds manager La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and the City of Montreal.

An estimated cost for the construction of the light rail lines is set at $5 billion, with the project inspired by a public transit study carried out by the AMT and the City of Montreal.

And unfortunately, that's all anyone really knows about the light rail lines on the Champlain.

Thanks to an NDA in effect that that prohibits the organizations involved in the project from really saying anything, almost all details are being kept under wraps, and all future meetings regarding the light rail lines will be done in secret.

Apparently all the secrecy is par for the course for large-scale projects such as this, though it definitely adds quite an air of mystery to the whole thing, thus making us even more intrigued. We also can't help but imagine all the meetings being carried out in dark rooms in bad parts of town, guarded by giant men in suits.

Okay, probably not, but we're definitely hopeful the light rail lines pan out, because that would make life easier for a fair amount of Montrealers, especially all those West Islanders who have it so hard getting into the city.

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