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Lionel-Groulx Metro Station To Get A New Line Extension

Instead of a public park.
Lionel-Groulx Metro Station To Get A New Line Extension

Photo cred - LeeOhNelle

A stop on many Montrealers daily commute, the Sud-Ouest's major metro station Lionel-Groulx, has made the news due to a slight battle between city officials concerning the station, and more specifically, the surrounding area's future.

An empty space right next to the station is what's currently being debated. A while ago, Projet Montreal wanted the empty area to be turned into a new public park. Denis Coderre has basically overruled that plan, and would rather see the space used to create an "intermodal transit terminal" connected to Lionel-Groux station, reports TVA.

"Intermodal transit terminal" is really just a fancy word for a station where people arrive using one type of public transport, then get off and use another. In Lionel-Groulx's case, if the Champlain Bridge gets a light rail system, then it would end right by Lionel-Groulx, with people able to jump onto the metro from there. So the new "line" would actually be a light rail from the Champlain.

Nothing is officially set in stone, but the City of Montreal does want an intermodal terminal and Lionel-Groulx is the favourite choice, so it's pretty likely, especially since the mayor is behind the initiative. The terminal would be pretty useful for commuters, but we'll always dream about the public park that could have been.

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