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Lip Gloss Made Of Wine Now Exists You Can Apply While Getting Drunk

Keeping your buzz beautiful.

If you know me at all, then you know I'm totally obsessed with wine. I mean, honestly, who isn't?

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It's pretty much the best drink ever fermented, and it's perfect with every meal. (Yes, even breakfast).

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My only grip with wine is that everything in the world is not infused with it... but one company is trying to change that. Thankfully.

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Korean company Labiotte has made a line of lip products infused with actual, legit wine.

They've got a whole bunch of colours, types, and wines to choose from, like a gorgeous Shiraz lip tint and a beautiful, Burgundy-colored gloss.

A photo posted by LABIOTTE 라비오뜨 (@labiotteofficial) on

Also, the lip glosses all look like little wine bottles. So, I mean, it's pretty much the best thing to happen to wine and/or beauty lovers, ever.

And if lip glosses aren't your thing, then no worries... they've even got wine mascara! I know, you guys. I know.

A photo posted by LABIOTTE 라비오뜨 (@labiotteofficial) on


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