List Of All FREE Events Happening During Mount-Royal Avenue's Summer Fair

Closed off to cars and open to the public for 4 days.

The Mount Royal Avenue Fair is happening again this year and it's going to be bigger than ever. The avenue will be closed down to traffic for 4 days to promote it's businesses. The event will feature fashion displays, a poetry festival and a business showcase. Come discover the businesses that make Mount Royal so unique and maybe get yourself some new outfits while you're at it. Here's a list of the events taking place from May 28th to the 31st:

1. Carnet Mode 2015 de l'Avenue

After enjoying such a tremendous success during last year's event, the Carnet Mode printemps / été is returning for a 2nd edition. The event choose clothing from 69 different shops on Mount-Royal and assemble 14 looks for women and 4 for men to inspire you with styles of the season.

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2. The New Business Showcase will put all the recently opened business in the spotlight

Bloc du Boucher


Cigares et Chocolats

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Natura Juicery


Paris Pas Cher

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Rouge Gorge


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3. Pave Poesie

From May 28th until the 31st, Pave Poesie will bring you a number of activities to participate in aimed at spreading the love of poetry. There will also be free concerts and performances.

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4. Foire Commerciale

For days starting May 28th, Mount-Royal Avenue will be closed off to vehicle so that all the stores and businesses can put their goods on display.

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5. Portraits of Business Owners

Come meet the different business owners of Mount-Royal avenue and see what makes their business unique.

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