The Complete List Of All Montreal's Food Trucks For Spring/Summer 2014

Nom Nom, who doesn't like food from a truck?
The Complete List Of All Montreal's Food Trucks For Spring/Summer 2014

Everyone loves food truck, if you don't...try some of these and your mind will be changed forever. Here is the list of Montreal food trucks for 2014! After you read these tasty descriptions, stalk your fave street eats here.

Camion Queues de Castor

-You guessed it, BEAVER TAILS!

Ta Pies

-Offers a menu of tasty Australian and New-Zealand Comfort Foods. It is the only place in Quebec offering this type of food.


-Known for their butter chicken, famous vegetarian samosas, and delicious mango "barbotines."

Café Mobile Dispatch

-Montreal's first espresso truck as well as a supplier/caterer of speciality coffees. 

Fous Truck

-Here you will be able to find scrumptious melt-in your mouth croissants.

Saigon, Je me Souviens

-Enjoy grilled meat Banh mi and beef with vermicelli noodles at this Vietnamese cuisine-focused truck

La Panthère Mobile

-Vegan food at its best, everything from their restaurant and more.

Pheonix 1

-Serves a great selection of "Naanwiches" featuring local Quebec ingredients.



Grumman '78

-Mexican treats such as soft tacos for your mouth can be found here.

Café Larue & Fils

-Coffee and all that jazz.

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois

-Chocolate everything.


-If Belgian-style waffles is what you crave...simply you must got here.

Le Super Truck

-This truck serves crispy fried chicken recipe of yesteryear, and innovations such as a salad of smoked Brome Lake duck breast and amazing snacks like fried strips of macaroni and cheese!

Le Quai Roulant

-Fish and chips, crab cakes, and the Godfather sandwich are all delights you'll find at this truck. 

Sandwicherie Zoe's

-Here you'll be able to get one of the best sandwiches you have possibly ever had. 


-Schnitzel on the go.

Chaud Dogs

-Serves delicious yummy dogs!


-Smoothies are all the rage right now and you bet they know it! 

Nomad So6

-Grilled sausages to feed your hunger beast served with all the perfect sides.

O Soeurs Volantes

-Traditional Quebec food that will make you proud of the province. 

Les Brigands

-Serving modern recreations of Quebec meat pies (both sweet and savoury) like the Mac 'n Cheese pie and plenty of vegetarian options.


-Offers a variety of yummy sandwiches, fries, and many grab-and-go treats.

Landry & Filles

-A snack-bar on wheels.

Boîte à Fromages

-An express version of the Quebec classic Raclette - meat and cheese overdose!


-Burgers, fries, and hot dogs!

Le TukTuk

-Thai food on the run.

Le Smoking BBQ

-Everyone has got to try this tasty BBQ. 

Alexis le Gourmand

-No description yet.

Lola’s petits gâteaux

-No description yet.

Pizza No. 900

-Go get yourself a slice of their pie.

P.A. Gargantua

-Yum yum, goey grilled cheese!

Le Point Sans G

-Celiac sufferers rejoice, there is no gluten to be found on this good truck's menu

Euro Polonia

-Polish delicacies on the go

Dim Sum Mtl

-Chinese delights for your belly.

Le Cheese Truck

-It has the word "cheese" on the truck so guaranteed they serve everything cheesy for your belly. 

Mr. Cremeux

-Regional, Fresh Quebec products.

St.Viateur Bagels

(you can find this truck during certain festivals during the summer)

-Bagels galor on the go!

Camion Pieds au Cochon

-Quebec treats and eats for your mouth.

CRemy Mobile

-Description not yet provided. 

L'Assommoir Mobile

-Braised beef poutine should get you pumped, along with the wide menu of drinks. tartars, and ceviches.

Route 27

-Delicious tartare treats for your hunger monster. 

Gourmand Vagabond

-Description not yet provided. 

Pas d'Cochon Dans Mon Salon

-Finger lickin' kickass BBQ delights.

Lucky's Food Truck

-They're mac & cheese burger is an absolute food love at first bite.

Norman Luncheonette Urbaine

-Fresh and local ingredients and a delicious beef sandwich

Meatball Montreal

-Big 'ol meatballs, in a variety of flavours, with plenty of sauce and cheese.

Will you be checking any of these food trucks out this summer?


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