List Of All The Hollywood Movies Being Filmed In Montreal This Summer

Unless you haven't had the Internet for the last few weeks, you already know X-Men: Apocalypse is currently being filmed in Montreal. But that's not the only thing currently being filmed in Montreal. You've probably seen the parking signs reserved for a movie shoot and wondered if there were any movie stars standing a few feet away, waiting to shoot their next scene. Well now you don't need to wonder because we have the complete list of all the movies shooting in Montreal and the stars you can expect to see.

1. Nine Lives (IMDB)

Shooting: Now - July 14, 2015

Notable Cast Members:

Kevin Spacey

Christopher Walken

Jennifer Garner

Robbie Amell

2. Story Of Your Life (IMDB)

Shooting: June 7, 2015 - August 19, 2015

Notable Cast Members:

Jeremy Renner

Amy Adams

Forest Whitaker

3. AKKABA (X-Men)

Fox Quebec Inc.

Shooting: Now - September 4th, 2015

Notable Cast Members:

Pretty much all of them

4. The History of Love

Caramel Films

Shooting: Now - July 15, 2015

5. Mohawk Girls 3

Rezolution Pictures

Shooting: Now - June 20, 2015

6. Amber Alert


Shooting: Now - June 23, 2015

7. New Address

Spheremedia Plus

Shooting: Now - September 30, 2015

8. Natural Born Outlaws

CMJ Prod.

Shooting: Now - September 2015