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Bacon Wrapped Pizza Is Now Available Everywhere In Canada - But What About Montreal?

First we saw the commercials, then we saw the announcement that it was coming to Canada but unfortunately when we tried to buy one, we were heartbroken to find out the bacon wrapped pizza will not be coming to Montreal. This pizza is a masterpiece for one reason: It managed to find a new location for toppings. But it was hard to get excited about it once we discovered we were just about the only place in all of Canada where it would not be available.

Pizza has remained pretty much the same for years: crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. Then someone figured out you can stuff cheese and meat inside the crust and the world lost its mind. Then a few years later someone decided to stuff more toppings under a second crust layer. Again, absolute genius since we were convinced there was no where left to sneak in toppings.

Amazingly Little Caesars has managed to find yet another place for toppings on their pizza, but they've omitted one of Canada's largest bacon-loving places, Quebec! With much excitement, Little Ceasars contacted us to let us know that the bacon wrapped pizza is now available in Canada - without mentioning that Quebec is excluded...

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