Living In Montreal Is Officially More Expensive Thanks To Valérie Plante

You’ve heard the warnings and the grumblings but now it’s official: living in Montreal just became more expensive due to the newly passed 2018 municipal budget. 

Valérie Plante and the Projet Montreal administration’s 2018 budget, which is being described as “controversial” by major media outlets, was voted on by city councillors yesterday. 

Opposition councillors, borough mayors, and business owners (among others) have found fault with the budget, mainly because of the proposed hikes on property and water taxes. 

But regardless of the backlash, Plante’s budget, which amounts to $5.47 billion, has passed. Forty city councillors voted in favour and 24 opposed, reports Global News. 

On average, Montrealers will be paying 3.3% more in taxes when combining the property tax and water tax increases. That number could be much higher depending on the borough.

Tenants are also expected to see price-hikes on their monthly rent

Basically, the salaries of Montrealers will face heavier taxation in 2018, essentially making the city more expensive to live in. 

Critics of Plante’s budget see the tax rate increases as a broken promise on the mayor’s part. When campaigning, Plante said she would not raise taxes past the point of inflation, or more than 2.1%. 

What Plante didn’t know about when campaigning, however, was the $358-million deficit left by the outgoing Coderre administration. According to the mayor, the major monetary hole didn’t leave many options when crafting the new budget. 

"We're being responsible, and we're taking action,” said Plante, reports CBC. “we're being sure that we don't just shovel all the problems to the next generation.”