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Lobby Bar's 7th Anniversary Will Be A Swanky And Sexy Cabaret Affair

Swing back to the 60's this Friday at Lobby Bar.

This Friday, November 15th will mark the seventh year anniversary of Lobby Bar, one of the Plateau's coolest venues for any occasion. To commemorate, Lobby Bar will be turning seven in style, with a chic 60's cabaret-casino party that looks to be both parts classy and sexy. Red carpets will line the floor, blackjack tables will be flipping cards, guys 'n dolls will be serving specially crafted anniversary cocktails (in alluring themed costumes), and you will be there to enjoy the entire affair.

For Lobby Bar regulars, the 7th anniversary party will be a night of fun in black gowns and suits (although costumes aren't necessary!). If you've never ventured to Lobby Bar before, the cabaret anniversary party is the perfect excuse to check out a versatile venue famed for its food, drinks, and ambiance.

Lobby Bar is almost equal parts restaurant and watering hole, with both drinks and food in abundance. Fully stocked with a wide range of beers and wines, Lobby Bar also boasts an extensive list of original cocktails. Delicious twists on classics like the Mango Mojito, original creations such as the Ginger Rush, or the exclusive 7th anniversary cocktail 'The Prohibition' will keep you happily sipping on tasty (and fairly alcoholic) drinks all night.

A fusion of the best bar foods from various cultures, Lobby Bar's food menu is a reason to head over in itself. Featuring appetizers, tartars, pizzas, salads, and even Indian dishes, Lobby Bar has your hunger covered, whether your looking for bar snacks or a real meal. You also can't miss the eccentric poutines, including the decadent Filet Mignon Poutine and the entirely unique Butter Chicken Poutine. Both are the pinnacle of poutine perfection, perfectly paired with a pint.

Friday's anniversary party will be an extra special event, but Lobby Bar regularly has weekly parties to keep you coming back. Enjoy an affordable-alcoholic $3.5 pint before any hockey game. Get loose and wild at Lobby Bar's Friday dance parties. With a reserve-able lounge, intimate bar, dance floor, and terrace (open in the Summer), Lobby Bar can pretty much meet your nightlife needs, no matter what you're looking for.

Get all the info on Lobby Bar's swanky 7th anniversary party at their official website, where you can also check out their full menu, drink list, and reserve a table. Lobby Bar is where your Friday will happen. See you there Montreal.

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