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"Loi 150", Quebec's New Laws For Pokémon GO In Montreal

The Poké-police have spoken.
"Loi 150", Quebec's New Laws For Pokémon GO In Montreal

Last week, we joked about how Montreal would likely be the first city in the world to ban Pokémon.

Anywhere else, that statement would be crazy, but in Montreal it's really not that far fetched.

That's just the way we are here, we go way overboard and the city shows up like a Hall Monitor to tell us to stop having fun.


Last night, Pokémon GO Players caused so much chaos that the Police actually had to intervene. The crowd numbered in the hundreds and according to witnesses they left a huge mess when they left.

Check out: Video Showing The MAYHEM Pokémon GO Is Causing In Montreal Right Now

You can see people clearly not giving a fuck about anything or anyone but the game. People can be seen blocking the streets and even signaling cars to go around them as if the cars were the ones being rude.

We may have been joking about it at first but now we're really starting to believe Montreal might ban Pokémon GO from being played in certain areas.

They certainly will if things keep escalating the way they have.

Montreal Police have already released these rules that Pokemon GO players must now respect which we have dubbed "Loi 151" (For the 151 original Pokémon),

  • Be aware of your environment and respect the laws.
  • Be aware of the dangers when moving to a new area.
  • Move calmly and carefully expectantly near crowds.
  • Avoid the playing in the streets and respect traffic signals.
  • Make sure the road is clear before crossing the streets or bike paths.
  • Do not play in restricted area or areas with a high security presence.
  • Do not play while driving. Remember, holding a phone while driving for any reason is illegal.
  • Don't let yourself be distracted by passengers who may be playing the game.
  • Make sure to immobilize the vehicle before letting your passengers out to hunt Pokemon.
  • Try to play during the day rather than at night and avoid isolated areas.
  • Parents should not let young children play the game by themselves.

So please, these guidelines are here for a reason so don't break them too much or they will only get more severe.

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