Looking To Become A Web Developer? This Montreal School Will Teach You How In Just 2 Months

Go from complete noob to job-ready programmer before you know it.
Looking To Become A Web Developer? This Montreal School Will Teach You How In Just 2 Months

We live in a competitive world, where good-paying employment is increasingly difficult to find, especially in this city. Not even a university degree guarantees you job security anymore. That's probably why a lot of us millennials are embracing the start-up culture and acquiring highly sought after skills such as, you guessed it, coding. I mean, let's face it, the internet pretty much rules everything we do now, so if you're the one actually programming it, well, you are essentially god...at least to any modern company currently hiring.

Web developing is definitely an acquired skill,and probably doesn't come naturally to the large majority of us, but it's easy to learn if you are willing to put the time in. The good news is, there is a Montreal school that will teach you how to code in just 2 months, and will even help place you in a legit job after you're done!

Located in the heart of the Old Port, DecodeMTL is a computer programming schoolthat teaches students with zero knowledge of code, the fundamentals of web-development during an 8-week intensive bootcamp. Yup, what could take upwards of 2 years to master on your own, DecodeMTL’s one-of-a-kind course is hands down the fastest way to go from complete noob to job-ready programmer.

With passionate teachers, a cutting-edge curriculum, and numerous partnerships with top companies, DecodeMTL is fueling local, national, and international organizations with a new wave of talented developers. Plus the free coffee and tea, a fridge usually stocked with beer, and friendships that last a lifetime, this is not your typical school.

DecodeMTL is currently interviewing applicants for the January session,so if you are ready to learn how to build, scale, and manage your own websites and applications, get on it!

Check out DecodeMTL's website and Facebook Page for complete details.