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Loto-Quebec Is Looking For Unclaimed $40,000,000 Jackpot Winner

There's a "golden ticket" out there.
Loto-Quebec Is Looking For Unclaimed $40,000,000 Jackpot Winner

Winning the lottery is hard enough, but did you know that every year, dozens of huge lottery prizes are won, and yet they go unclaimed!

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TL;DR Loto Quebec has announced a call to the public to find the winner of the 40 million dollar 64/9 ticket which was purchased in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec.

As someone who rarely buys a lottery ticket, I wonder: What the point of buying a ticket, if you're never going to check if it's a winner?

That said, Lotto Quebec is looking for the lucky Quebecer who purchase the HUGE 40 million dollars 6/49 jackpot ticket.  

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Can you believe someone might have thrown this ticket into the trash?

According to TVA news, a spokesperson for Loto Quebec confirms that the winning ticket was purchased at the MRC du Haut-Richelieu en Montérégie. This is about a 40-minute drive south of Montreal.

If you purchased a Loto 6/49 ticket in this area, contact Loto Quebec ASAP. 

You may end up like this happy womanwho almost threw away her winning ticket.

There are many other unclaimed smaller jackpots on the Loto Quebec page, to check them all, click here.


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