"Love Your Sister Day" Is Tomorrow

Show some love to the ladies in your life!
"Love Your Sister Day" Is Tomorrow

Photo cred - WeHeartIt

Montreal loves women. It's just a fact of life here. There is nothing better than spending time to appreciate the ladies in your life, which is why we should take advantage of the opportunity coming up on March 21st!

Tomorrow is Global Sisterhood Day! Now you may think that this day excludes all of us out there who don't have sisters, but that isn't really what this event is about. This event is more about appreciating the kinship between women, whether you be friends, cousins, grandmother and granddaughter or actual sisters! It's a time where you can stop and thank all the ladies in your life for having your back.

The event was created to raise awareness for mainly two causes. The first is to stop women on women hating, which is a way bigger issue than some of you may think. The second is to gain knowledge on the poor living conditions of women in less fortunate countries, and how we can fight the poverty and extreme inequality some of these women face everyday.

To learn more about Global Sisterhood Day, check out their website and watch the super powerful video made by the creator.

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