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Lovematically Auto-Likes Instagram Photos For You. Try It Before It Shuts Down Forever

Photo cred - Passaum

Spread some love on VDay Instagram-style, before it's too late.

You can show adoration for your Insta-friends easiest with Lovematically, a new web app that automatically likes your friends photos for you. Why bother even looking at the brunch pics your hungover friends are posting? Lovematically will do all the liking for you, and be the first one too.

Other than being a kind gesture, liking photos on Instagram can actually help you gain followers. Founder of Lovematically Rameet Chawla reported that he went up 1000 followers with the app, basically because his name was always on every photo first, so his name got around.

Get on it quick though, because Lovematically will most definitely be shut down, as it violates Instagrams terms of service, and the app is only letting in 5,000 new users today.

Robotic liking of photos does take away some of the meaning of having a heart given to your Instagram photo, but today is VDay, and its all about the commercialism of love, so why not? Plus, more followers is always magical.

Check out Lovematically here.

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