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Montreal’s Place Des Arts Is Turning Into A Free “Winter Wonderland Playground”

A super fun, breathtaking way to celebrate the season.

Guys, the holiday season is here! (Yes, I consider anything after October 31 to be the holiday season. How else am I supposed to get through November in Montreal?)

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And although the holiday season in Montreal means we'll soon be starting to experience the snowy, cold part of the year, it's all good. Montrealers know how to transform even the bleakest of days into something awesome.

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Which is exactly what the Quartier Des Spectacles' Luminotherapie does.

Luminotherapie is an art installation taking place every year at Montreal's Place Des Festivals. It's different each year (last year's featured seasaws that lit up), and this year, it's coming back with possibly the coolest concept yet.

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This year's installation is called Loop, and features 13 huge zeotropes. According to the Quartier Des Spectacles website, these are immersive zeotropes that will be activated by visitors in order to make fairy tale images come to life.

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Gorgeous coloured light and music will help the scenes play out. Sounds like one super cool way to celebrate winter, if you ask me.

This year's Luminotherapie will go down from December 8 - January 29. The exact schedule is yet to be announced.

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If this sounds like the most fun you can have this winter, check out the Quartier Des Spectacles website for more information.

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