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The Only Map Of Montreal You Will Ever Need

Everything you need to know. Seriously.
The Only Map Of Montreal You Will Ever Need

Montreal is a multifaceted city, to say the least. From the arts to infrastructure work to municipal initiatives, Montreal, like any cosmopolitan metropolis, can be hard to navigate.

Even at the borough-level, there is so much one needs to know. Street art, food trucks, government buildings, garbage collection, recreational facilities; the list of things a Montrealers should (and needs) to be aware of in their neighbourhoods is pretty staggering.

Wouldn't it be nice, then, to have one resource that literally told you everything you would ever need to know about an area, including all things between where to go swimming to when recycling is picked up?

Fortunately, there is; "Ma carte interactive" is a recently released map of Montreal that synthesizes all sorts of essential information into one navigable map. Created by the Ville de Montreal, and hosted on the city's website, the interactive map provides information that ranges from "essential" to "just good to know."

Swimming pools, when garbage collection passes by, zoning regulations, murals, food truck spots, libraries, vacant buildings, and more are all displayed on Ma carte interactive, with the information displayed on the map with a click of a button.

Granted, some of the info available on the map is far from essential, but it's nice to know it's there should you ever need.

The only downside to the map is the fact that Ma carte interactive is limited to Ville-Marie and Sud-Ouest areas, as they're the only boroughs (thus far) to release a version of the map. Hopefully more neighbourhoods take the time to do the same, because the interactive map is a serious boon to citizens.

Check out the Ville Marie Ma carte interactive here and the Sud Ouest version here.

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