Eat and Drink

Mac & Cheese + Mozzarella + Hot Dog = The Montreal Mac & Cheese Dog

Jukebox Burgers know how to make you hungry and fast.

Holy Cheezus, this is a hot dog of truly biblical-cheesy proportions. When you throw mac'n cheese onto a hot dog, the result can only be delicious (as Dirty Dogs has let us know first-hand) but when you add another layer of melted mozzarella to the mix, things get crazy-creamy in a good way. Just think of the cheese-goo line that would extend off that dog once you took a bite.

Jukebox Burgers are the hot doggers behind this cheese-filled creation, as part of the resto's new menu. Some other epic creations grace Jukebox's improved new menu (like the Breakfast Burger (pic below), Spicy Philly Poutine, and the Mojito Milkshake (on the right below)) but none caught our collective eye quite as much as the Cheesy Dog. It just looks so...sinful, in the best way possible.

You can find out about all the delicious offerings of Jukebox Burgers at their FB page, or just check out their online menu, which has a solid mix of Montreal classic with some creative twists.

And for anyone wondering, a Mojito Milkshake is made up of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a shot of mint and lime, sprite and some essential rum. For realsies, it's on my to-eat list.

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