Mac Miller Found Dead In His Home At Age 26

Can't believe this.
Mac Miller Found Dead In His Home At Age 26

Extremely sad news to break this Friday afternoon, Rapper Mac Miller has been found dead in his home according to a source at TMZ.

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This is very recent news, so the cause of death is still under questioning, but it's reportedly due to a drug overdose.

Law enforcement told a source that Mac Miller was found dead in his home today at around noon. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Apparently, the authorities were advised when one of his friends made a phone call to 911.

I am a big fan of Mac and so sad and stunned by this news.  However, it's not a huge surprise to me and his other fans, as he has been known to be dealing with a long battle with substance abuse.

It's been a difficult year for him as well; the end of his relationship with Ariana Grande and the release of a new - and amazing - album, all this must have been very stressful. I can't imagine the emotional difficulty he was going through.

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This one really hurts, Mac was supposed to start a tour next month for his new album Swimming. What a tragedy.


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