Mac Miller Thought About Early Death And Addiction In His Music

His realness distinguished his art.
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Mac Miller Thought About Early Death And Addiction In His Music

Today, rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his home at the age of 26.

It is tragic to have lost such an incredible talent at such a young age.

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Miller was at the height of his career. He had just realeased his latest album, Swimming, and had decades of success ahead of him.

Fans are understandably heartbroken. 

Though an official cause-of-death has yet to be released, intitial reports suggest Miller died following a drug overdose.

The rapper was open about his battles with substance abuse and he knew the consequences. 

In his early work, Miller often discussed the possibility of early death, according to Vulture.

In "Here We Go," a track from his ablum Faces, he tells listeners to "safeguard the truth even if it leads to your death."

"The kids getting murdered that I grew up with / they shooting up doing drugs or they doing nothing," he continues.

"I shoulda died already," he repeats in the album's lead track, "Inside Out."

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His latest artistic endeavour, he told Vulture, was an escape from the dark themes that dominated his work in his early career.

Swimming represented an artistic turning point for Miller.

Fans should celebrate the rapper's œuvre for the complex explorations and profound disclosures it contains.

He will be sorely missed.


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