Mac 'N Cheese Burritos Are Real And Ready For You To Hate Yourself After Eating Them

A good burrito is hard to come by in Montreal. BurritoShop, M4, and Burritoville definitely do their burrito-duty, but in comparison to other foods, burrito joints aren't exactly widespread across the city. A true shame, because burritos are the bomb, and it would be amazing to see some Montreal chefs tackle the burrito with some unique culinary flair. Well don't wait around for the city's food scene to get burrito-game, because you can make your own truly epic burrito at home. Time to wrap your mind and a tortilla around the Mac 'n Cheese Burrito by OhBiteIt.

Despite being a pretty simple recipe, the Mac 'n Cheese Burrito is huge on flavour, and comes together quite quickly. Fill up some tortilla shells with some M&C (not judgement if its KD) that has been mixed with green chilis (for an added Mexican flair, because lets face it, nothing about this dish is Mexican) then roll 'em up and fry 'em in a bit of oil 'til golden brown.

The end result is a crispy burrito on the outside that is filled with pure cheese bliss on the inside. Bacon, or better yet, pulled pork, would be an amazing addition to this recipe, as would some salsa on the side. Or just some ketchup, 'cuz this is Mac 'n Cheese we're dealing with here.

Feast your eyes on OhBiteIt's M&C Burrito below, and many thanks to Thrillist for expanding our cheese horizons by pointing this recipe in our direction.

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