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Macaulay Culkin Is In Montreal Today

Quite possibly the most famous child star ever.
Macaulay Culkin Is In Montreal Today

Maybe the most famous child actor of all time, Macaulay Culkin, will be coming to Montreal this summer in Montreal, but not for a movie premiere or anything like that.

Culkin will be performing, just musically, as part of his band's The Pizza Underground's Montreal show on Saturday, Jul 12th at Il Motore. Get tickets here.

For those who haven't kept up-to-date on Culkin's body of work post-Home Alone 2, The Pizza Underground is a parody/spoof band of The Velvet Underground, with all the songs changed to be about pizza.

You can catch Culkin and his bandmates singing tunes like "All Pizza Parties" ("All Tomorrow's Parties"), "Pizza Gal" ("Femme Fatale"), and "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice" (Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side") and many other cheesy (pun!) tunes.

Weird, we know, but after Party Monster, you can't act like you can be surprised by anything Culkin does anymore. He looks like too much a meth-head to seem sane anyway.

To get you pumped, here is Macaulay Culkin eating a pizza:

Will you be at The Pizza Underground's show?

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