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Macaulay Culkin Is Coming To Montreal Next Week

The Pizza Underground returns.
Macaulay Culkin Is Coming To Montreal Next Week

Photo cred - stereogum

Fans of everyone's favourite child star turned kinda crackhead looking musician, otherwise known as Macaulay Culkin, will want to save the date of October 28th, as Culkin will be back in Montreal and performing at Le Belmont with his comedy-rock band The Pizza Underground.

If you haven't been following Culkin's body of work since he was 9, you may be a tad in the dark as to who/what The Pizza Underground is, though the name says it all. A psuedo-homage to the legendary The Velvet Underground, The Pizza Underground plays parodies from the aforementioned band's discography, just replacing nouns with the word "pizza." Strange yes, but still hilariously awesome.

This isn't the first time The Pizza Underground has come to Montreal. Culkin's pizza-themed band played at Il Motore (now Le Ritz) last July, and they'll be performing again on Tuesday, October 28th with Har Mar Superstar at Le Belmont. Head over to the event listing here to get tickets and more info.

To get you more excited, here's a trippy-meta GIF of Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling wearing shirts of each other from that weird sorta photo-fued the two shared this past summer.

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