Céline's Odd Thanksgiving Parade Performance Is Confusing Some Unimpressed Americans

They just don't understand notre reine.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance By Céline Dion Is Confusing Some Rude Americans
  • Today is the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, and our Quebec Queen Céline Dion got to perform at it... or at least inside - near it.
  • It seems our sweet Céline is getting quite a bit of backlash for not having lip-synced on a float like other performers in the parade.
  • Read many confused reactions by Americans on Twitter below!

If you are American then you know that today marks the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you are Canadian... now you know. The parade is an annual tradition that dates back as far as 1924 and has been presented by the department store Macy's since the beginning.

Every year, New York City comes to a halt to host one of the oldest parades in the United States and one of the largest parades in the world.

The day is marked by three hours of impressive floats, massive balloons, and performances by some of the best entertainers out there.

This year, Macy's and NBC, who has been airing the televised version of the parade since 1952, invited our girl Celine Dion to do her thing as part of the parade. 

Normally, I would assume this is a fantastic choice, especially cause she's just released a hot new album. But, apparently, there are some people in the States that were left a little confused and even unimpressed by this Céline Dion performance.

It all started when she began to sing and it became clear she was... not at the parade.

Here's a clip of the beginning of Céline's performance where you can see she is very clearly not at the parade, not on a float, not bundled up - nothing.

She is clearly at a soundstage, somewhere else, performing to a separate audience than the people standing out on the street watching the actual parade go by.

The tweets above make a point I'm tempted to believe. Céline is big on singing live, and she's sharing new songs right now, so she probably wanted to give a real show like she's used to.

Which means no floats and no lip-syncing.

In my opinion, this is hilariously Céline and that's why we love her. But some Americans were not so sold on the way of notre Reine.

Some even felt she shouldn't be performing because she's Canadian. To which I say, be careful what you wish for.

If you can't accept our Céline at Thanksgiving, we will withhold our Bublé at Christmas.

Though I have to stay I understand that some viewers were jarred and confused by the sudden switch from the parade to the soundstage.

And, honestly, we can't know that this was Celine's decision and not a decision by Macy's or NBC to sell more tickets. So please, be gentle with her.

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Either way, I don't know why people can't just accept the Thanksgiving gifts given to them and appreciate the angelic voice of Celine Dion floating through the television airwaves, for goodness sakes.

The only arguments I will accept are that this performance was a little... outside the norm of the regular parade experience.

And a lot of people really did seem to be most annoyed at this new approach Macy's and NBC were taking to the whole show, as opposed to just being directly pissed at Céline.

It seems that the frustration was coming mostly from this weird choice to pre-tape or shift to this indoor performance in the middle of the whole parade.

Why didn't they just have her perform at the beginning or something, and then take the festivities outside?

I also wondered if perhaps she wasn't able to sing outside in the cold because she was so recently ill, and is meant to continue with a world tour after today.

All-in-all it seemed that a lot of viewers were just disappointed to not be seeing the balloons and marching bands.

Every year dozens of marching bands participate in the parade and marching along with the Broadway performers, singers, special guests, balloon handlers, and floats.

These are the things that the parade has become known for worldwide, so it makes sense that a lot of families were confused when they sat down to share this tradition with the younger generation and were faced with...

Well, Céline Dion.

Hopefully, Macy's and NBC caught the drift of the audience this year and they smarten up and show more parade coverage next year.

And maybe leave Céline here, with us - where she's properly appreciated.

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