Magical Places On Earth Do Exist, This Is One Of Them

No, this is not Game Of Thrones.
Magical Places On Earth Do Exist, This Is One Of Them

So there we were all bored and all of a sudden we stumble upon this image of an impossible tall and fantasy looking like island that is something straight out of Game Of Thrones and we think, ya that's fake.

Well... We were wrong it is VERY real.

It's name is Ball's Pyramid and it is the tallest volcanic stack left in the world. Located 20km south of Lord Howe Island off the east coast of Australia.

Day = made.


When popular Montreal cafés come to mind, Café Milano is definitely at the top of the list of locals' favourites. And it's about to have a new location in the West Island!

This exciting news was announced on social media on July 14 and it's clear that people are thrilled. 

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A Report Shows That Canadians Pay The Most For Mobile Data Out Of 44 Countries

Canadian mobile providers make the most money in the world per gigabyte of mobile data.

New data by tefficient, an interpreter of world telecom competitiveness, shows that Canadians pay the most for mobile data out of 44 countries around the world.

While prices for mobility in Canada are the highest in the world, its mobile data usage is among the six lowest countries in the world.

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You Can Finally Take The Train From Montreal To Halifax This Summer

It's coming back! Here's when to plan your trip.

VIA Rail announced Friday that its Ocean line between Montreal and Halifax would relaunch in August following a more than year-long suspension due to the pandemic.

The last VIA Rail Ocean line train left Halifax on March 13, 2020.

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The City of Brossard, a municipality on Montreal's South Shore, has issued a boil water advisory "until further notice" so residents will want to skip drinking tap water or boil it for at least a minute before doing so.

"The City of Brossard is issuing a boil water advisory for its entire territory following laboratory analysis results that indicate the presence of fecal coliforms in the water system," reads a statement. If it's not clear, fecal coliforms are bacteria passed through the feces of humans and animals. 

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