Major Montreal Road Closures Will Immobilize The City This Weekend

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Major Montreal Road Closures Will Immobilize The City This Weekend

Montreal residents are in for another doozy of a weekend complete with major bridge and road closures, and insane detours.

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To help you navigate the roads this weekend, we've compiled a complete list of closures:

Cartier Bridge

The bridge will be closed on Saturday from 8:30pm to midnight.

Victoria Bridge

The entire bridge will be closed all weekend. Normal traffic will resume at 5am on Monday.

Sainte-Catherine Street

The street will be closed downtown to make way for the largest street fair in Canada. It will reopen to regular-ish traffic on Monday. Parts of the street remain closed pending the resumption of construction on the facelift that will reduce it to one lane.

Highway 10

Access to route A-15 south is closed indefinitely.

Highway 15 – Turcot Interchange

It's best just to say clear of Highway 15. Closures are extensive. Here is a full list:

– Entire highway constricted to two lanes in each direction between Blvd. Gaétan-Laberge and Ave. Atwater
– Northbound to the NDG Tunnel constricted to two lanes in each direction
– Exit 57 northbound is closed
– Exit 61 northbound is closed
– Exit 60 southbound is closed
– Access to route A-15 north is closed

Highway 720

– The entire highway is closed from its wesern terminus to the Turcot Interchange
– Only two lanes are open in borth directions between the Turcot Interchange and the Ville-Marie Tunnel
– Access to A-15 south is closed
– Ave. Greene is closed in both directions until 2019
– Exist 2 westbound is closed
– Access from Fort St. is closed
– On Saturday, the route will be closed between Rue de la Montagne and Ave. Papineau between 8:30pm to midnight
– The Ville-Marie Tunnel is reduced to two lanes between exit 4 and exit 6
– The Viger Tunnel is reduced to three lanes in both directions
– Access from Rue Lucien-L'Allier westbound is completely closed

Highway 20

The highway's northbound lanes are completely closed between Blvd. Saint-Joseph and Ave. St-Pierre. The access ramp to route A-15 is closed as well.

Île-aux Tourtes Bridge

The bridge is still narrowed to two lanes westbound on weekends. There's no word yet if and when the bridge will be fully operational again.

Route 138

The eastbound ramp to A-20 east will be reduced to one lane. The ramp to A-20 west is completely closed. Blvd. Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue is reduced to one lane in both directions between Rue Pullman and Rue Saint-Jacques.

Highway 40

Lanes in both directions have been narrowed and "diverted," according to the public works website. Officials plan to reopen the lanes by the end of July.

Rue Saint-Jacques

The street is constricted to one lane in each direction between Rue St-Rémi and Rue de Courcelle. The street is completely closed between Ave. Girouard and Blvd. Décarie.


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