Here's Everything That's Reopening In Montreal & The Rest Of Quebec Today

Montrealers will finally be able to get a haircut!
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Major Reopenings In Quebec Begin June 15

We're one step closer to (somewhat) normal. A number of exciting reopenings in Quebec on Monday, June 15 mean that, in some areas of the province, people can start going out to restaurants and friends' places again. Montrealers will have to wait a bit longer for those things, but city residents do finally get to schedule a professional haircut and get their nails done.

This is just the latest major reopening step in a series that will let Quebecers have at least a bit of fun this summer.

At the end of May and beginning of June, museums, some library services, campsites, and Sépaq parks also began to open.

Drive-in theatres began showing movies again, too, and have become a bit of a trend. 

New theatres have begun popping up across the province to allow people to get out while practicing social distancing.

There's even a massive new drive-in venue planned for Montreal Island.

There are still some openings the government hasn't announced, however.

We're still waiting for the date when bars and gyms can open their doors. In the meantime, we'll have to be happy with jogs along the Lachine Canal and picnics in the park.

But we do have a lot to look forward to in the week of June 15.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

Restaurants Outside The Montreal Area, Joliette & L'Épiphanie

Restaurants will finally open their doors to the public outside of the Montreal metropolitan community (CMM), the Joliette MRC, and L'Épiphanie for the first time since March.

This includes mall food courts.

But there will be some major changes to the experience of dining out.

Diners will still have to stay two metres away from other people.

Restaurants are required to post signage at their entrances and floor markings in high traffic areas to remind customers of this rule.

"Wherever possible," according to the CNESST, restaurants will create "a one-way traffic flow" to "prevent people from passing each other."

"Physical barriers (solid partitions that can be easily disinfected)," like Plexiglass, will be in place "to separate workers from customers at checkouts, in front of open kitchens," and "at the reception desk."

Restaurants aren't scheduled to open in Montreal et al. until June 22.

Small Indoor Gatherings Outside The Montreal Area, Joliette & L'Épiphanie

People outside these areas will be able to have a few friends over to their homes as of Monday.

These gatherings can have a maximum of 10 people from three different households.

"Obviously," the government writes on its website, "a distance of at least twometres must be kept between those people who are not from the same household."

At the same time, the government is going to allow residents in these areas to rent chalets with their friends for the weekend as long as they follow the same rules.

Non-essential travel between regions is still discouraged but possible if travellers limit stops between their homes and destinations.

Businesses "That Offer Services Directly To The Public"

"Travel agencies and shoe-repair shops" are the government's examples.

This applies to all of Quebec on June 15.

Personal & Beauty Care In The Montreal Area & Joliette

It will come as a great relief to Montrealers that they can go out to get their haircuts now.

Aesthetic care services in the city are once again operational.

This includes hair and nail salons, barbers, skincare services, tattooing, and piercing.

These openings are going to set the tone for the summer season.

Hopefully even more are on the way.

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