Make Montreal A Self-Governing City With "Notre Montreal"

Make Montreal A Self-Governing City With "Notre Montreal"

With the provincial elections in full force, the social and political climate of Montreal isn't exactly calm.Hate on the PQ, threats of removing bilingualism, and increased language-policing has pitted Montreal's citizens against each other. Rather than debate, argue, and hate, Montrealers should unite and strive to make the city a better place to live. That's exactly what CRITIQ's "Notre Montreal" project is trying to do, and simply for the sake of Montreal, you should join the initiative.

CRITIQ (Canadian Rights in Quebec) is non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer based organization whose sole goal is to fight for Canadian rights in Quebec. In other words, the group isn't out to make money, has no political affiliation, and is made up of concerned Montreal citizens.

The "Notre Montreal" project was inspired by the desire to make Montreal a safe and positive environment for all those living in the city, regardless of the language they speak.

A specific goal "Notre Montreal" is for Montreal to gain special status and self-governance. This DOES NOT mean making Montreal a city-state entirely removed from Quebec. BMO recommended the same thing, so there's a lot of truth to the movement in becoming a self-governing city.

So how can you help? Follow Notre Montreal and support the #empowerMTL/MTLpouvoir movement urging the provincial government to give Montreal special economic status by signing and spreading this petition. Over 2500 people have signed in the 2 days since its release, and you can too.

If you want a prosperous city and are for the "Notre Montreal" initiative, spread the symbol, share your thoughts across social media, and blog about it on the CRITIQ website. Change needs to come from the public before the government will do anything, so show your support for a better Montreal.

For more information: LIKE, SURF, & FOLLOW CRITIQ,  LIKE, SURF, & FOLLOW Notre Montreal

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