Male Birth Control Will Be A Thing By 2017

Photo cred - CoupleNature

Great news for all you hetero guys and gals, as a new innovation in birth control may end up making both of your lives easier. A brand new form of contraceptive is on the way: Vasalgel, a non-hormonal male birth control that could be rolled out onto the market by 2017, reports DailyMail.

Created by the Parsemus Foundation, Vasalgel has recently succeeded in animal trials using baboons, making them optimistic that human application will come very soon. Outlined in Vasalgel's latest press release, 3 male baboons were given Vasalgel and had free reign to bamboner up to 15 different female baboons. After six months, not a single baboon was conceived.

A far cry from your standard condom, Vasalgel is a polymer contraceptive that actually blocks off the vas deferens entirely, not allowing any sperm to get through. This is achieved via an initial injection, with the effects lasting for a long while, meaning you and your lady could have condom-less sex for months without fear of any baby-drama.

Before any fellas get wary, it's important to note that Valsalgel only blocks the pathway of sperm out of the body, and does not actually screw with sperm production. A Valsalgel injection is also completely reversible, as it can be swept outta your body with a second injection.

Women, however, may stand to benefit the most from the innovation of a male birth control like Valsalgel. Responsibility can be shared/shifted to the male, as a women will no longer be the sole gender with access to effective birth control. Also, unlike birth control pills that can increase one's risk of heart disease, induce nausea, mess with your hormones, and a lot of other negative side effects, Valsagel doesn't change a man's bodily processes in the slightest, so neither gender need experience the aforementioned byproducts.

Unfortunately, large pharmaceuticial companies aren't a big supporter of Valsagel. Since its a one injection set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal, Big Pharma would much rather have a male version of the pill, forcing men to buy a regular prescription. As such, Valsagel is being funded largely by donations, so if you want to see it in your medicine cabinet, throw 'em some dollars.

To read more on Valsagel, check out the full press release here.

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