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Man Accused Of Murdering His Roommate, Asked Siri Where He Should Hide The Body

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Smartphone-tech has so many applications, especially everyone's go-to gal Siri who has the answer for everything, even when it comes to murder, apparently. iPhones really can do it all.

Pedro Bravo, a 20 year old Floridian, is being accused of murdering his roommate Christian Aguilar, with one majorly incriminating piece of evidence in the trial being Bravo's Siri conversation he had on the night of the murder on Sept. 20th 2012.

Bravo asked Siri (according to Kirotv) "I need to hide my roommate," to which Siri, not skipping a beat, responded with "“What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps, reservoirs, foundries, dumps.” Seems like Siri has done this before...

Not exactly the kind of question you ask your iPhone when you and your roomie are on good terms, but we've all asked Siri some muff'd up things, so that doesn't mean Bravo is full-on guilty. Still, Bravo also used his phone's flashlight for a full 48 minutes that night, as the police department found out, which points things in the guilty direction once more.

Tensions rose between Bravo and Aguilar after the two got into an argument about a recently purchased Kanye West CD. Global News cites the main catalyst was Bravo finding out that Aguilar was dating his ex-girlfriend. Kanye or exes aside, that is not a reason to murder a friend, or just beat him up, as Bravo claims.

The case is still ongoing, although things don't look too good for Bravo. If there's one thing we can take from this, it's that Siri really does have all the answers.

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