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Man Attacked And Bitten In Neck By Cannibal In Montreal

You ain't ever seen something like this before in the city.
Man Attacked And Bitten In Neck By Cannibal In Montreal

It's the same way every zombie apocalypse movie starts.

A couple of friends are walking after a night out, when they come across someone acting strange. They get close enough to see what's up and before they know it, they're being bitten in the neck by a freaking zombie.

That's pretty muchwhat happened to a couple of friends who were leaving Starcité on Sunday.

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A woman in her late 30's who seemed particularly skinny, (gotta be a zombie) with brown hair (classic zombie color), jumped onto one of the guys' back with her arms around his neck.

The guys were caught off guard so they started laughing but the man who had a zombie on his neck freaked out and started screaming and pushed the woman off of him.

She ran away, so they chased after her for awhile.

Once the excitement died down the man who got attacked sat down and asked his friends to call him an ambulance.

He had been bit in his neck which was now "pissing blood" and required stitches.

Photo cred - spottedmtl

People in the comments joked that this is how the zombie apocalypse begins:

"Ca y est !!!!! C'est là gang !! Ohhh yeah l'invasion de zombie a commencé, sorter vos haches et vos couteau et préparer vous a combattre. Je savais que mon expertise zombie en jeux vidéo allais servir a de quoi ;)"

And accordingto the replies, Montrealers are ready for that shit. They have safe houses to get to, they have meeting points, they have crossbows, machetes, crowbars and probably hockey sticks as well.

All this to say that I've joked about Montreal being the best place to survive a zombie apocalypse, but when I see the amount of enthusiasm Montrealers display at the idea that the apocalypse has begun, I gotta say that if the zombies do show up,  I'm glad I'm stuck here with all you crazy bastards

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