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Man Found 7.5 Million Dollars After Buying A Storage Unit For $500

Where can I buy one of these?
Man Found 7.5 Million Dollars After Buying A Storage Unit For $500

If you've ever used a storage unit to keep all of your valuables, extra items that don't fit in your house or even things you don't know what to do with anymore, it is nearly impossible to recall every single item that's in there.

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TL;DR An elderly couple that paid $500 for a storage unit sold to them by Dan Dotson, TV show host of "War of Bids" discovered a safe inside holding $7.5 million. After negotiation they returned the money for a reward of $1.2 million.

Especially if you've left it alone for a few years or rarely check in on it, it's no surprise to be totally shocked by what you end up finding inside.

Sometimes, this isn't a good surprise. Especially if you've just happened to sell your storage unit for way less than it's really worth.

Well, you guessed it, that's what happened to the popular host of the "War of Bids" show in the United States. It turns out he's definitely not as lucky as he thought.

He sold a storage unit to a man for  $500. It's only when the man searched through their new unit that he realized he probably scored the best deal ever.

The found a safe inside of the unit, after taking it to a locksmith to have it opened they discovered the $7.5 million that had been stashed inside. 

Surprisingly, the man actually went back to the show host, Dan Dotson, to advise him of the incredible (for them, not for him) discovery. This is when things became a bit complicated.

A lawyer contacted the couple and offered them $600,000 as a reward for finding the safe. They refused the offer. A second offer was made of $1.2 million which they gladly accepted, promptly returning the leftover $6.3 million. 

So, before you end up selling or throwing away all of the hidden treasures in your storage unit, you may want to look through it first. Who knows, maybe you've kept some extremely valuable items you totally forgot about or didn't even know you had.


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