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Man Hugs Lion, Becomes The Most Manly Man On The Planet

No humans were harmed in the filming of this video.
Man Hugs Lion, Becomes The Most Manly Man On The Planet

Lions aren't known to be cute and cuddly creatures, no matter how The Lion King makes them look (Scar excluded, of course). Fierce predators/kings of the jungle, lions are hard to picture getting all snuggly with a human. Kevin Richardson, also known as The Lion Whisperer, goes against that logic and wraps his arms around more than a few felines in the adorable and awe-inspiring video below. Screw bear hugs, lion hugs are the way to go.

Featured in documentaries, photo sets, and other lion-related works, Richardson is kin with the kings of the jungle. For more info on his lovely lion-interactions, check out his website. He's even got a kickstarter going to support his artistic collaboration with painter Suzanne Unrein. Check it out.

Cute or crazy? Is Richardson a modern day daredevil or insane for getting that close to friggin lions? Let us know.

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