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Man Has Skin "Torn Off" In Fatal Shark Attack

I may never swim again.
Man Has Skin "Torn Off" In Fatal Shark Attack

A terrifying story shared by Fox News details the violent death of a California man who was killed in Hawaiian waters after apparently being attacked by a shark. 

A witness watched the man, who was pulled from the water by the Maui Fire Department, and said that he seemed to be unconscious while he was pulled to shore and transferred to a gurney.

The witness also described the state of the man as he was pulled from the water and it is truly gruesome, the stuff of nightmares.

The apparent attack happened two days ago, on Saturday, May 25th at Honokowai Point near Ka'anapali Beach Park on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

According to the Maui Fire Department, the incident occurred early in the morning, around 9 AM and the man was swimming in water that was only 20 or 25 feet deep.

The conditions were clear, with light wind and only 1 foot of surf at the time. The man was apparently only 60 some-odd yards from the shore when the attack happened.

The witness, a woman named Allison Keller, was on the beach when the man was pulled from the waters by the Maui Fire Department. 

She described to Fox News, in detail, the state of the man as he was being rescued. At one point, she details the fact that his skin in some places looked like it was completely torn off and his left leg from the knee down was missing. Surprisingly, there was little to no blood.

While the man's identity was not released, Keller did tell Fox News that he was vacationing on Maui with his wife. Fire Officials described the 65-year-old man's injuries as "traumatic" and "life-threatening."

Fox News reports that this is the sixth shark attack in Hawaiian waters since 2019 began, according to Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Aquatic Resources.

This is the fifth fatal attack on record for Maui and experts believe it is likely the work of a tiger shark. There is a large population of tiger sharks around Maui, which has evidently contributed to the increased number of attacks, though officials don't know exactly why that is, other than potentially because of the combined conditions of shallow water and high populations of people swimming there.

For now, authorities have posted a notice warning swimmers in the area of the shark.

To read the full Fox News report, including the detailed description by witness Allison Keller, head to their article here.

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