Man Killed In First Deadly Shark Attack In Over 80 Years In North America

You'll want to stay far from the ocean for awhile!
Man Killed In First Deadly Shark Attack In Over 80 Years In North America

When you go to the beach, it's usually to catch some rays, build a sandcastle, enjoy the sand beneath your toes and even swim in the water. When it comes to the ocean, there are plenty of creatures beneath the sea to be weary of- jelly fish, crabs, stingrays, and the scariest of them all- sharks. 

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For the most part, sharks aren't usually a concern, just something to be cautious of, because the chances of a shark attack are so slim.  Unfortunately these vicious predators can do some serious damage when they do decide to attack unsuspecting victims. 

The sharks that do inflict the most harm are great whites, tiger and bull sharks, but really any type can cause a serious wound.  

This past Saturday, a 26-year old man was brutally attacked by a shark while swimming in Massachusetts water. 

The man, Arthur Medici, was using a boogie board with his friend when he was bitten by a shark. It's speculated that this shark was a great white, one of the deadliest as previously mentioned. 

The two were boogie boarding near Newcomb Hollow Beach and the attack occurred around noon on September 15th. 

Unfortunately after an attempted rescue of CPR, the young man died after being taken to the hospital. 

The official cause of death still needs to be determined by a medical examiner. If Medici's death was caused by the shark, it means that this will be the first in 80 death-related attack by a shark in over 80 years in the North America.

Canada's last shark attack goes all the way back to 1891.