Man Murdered In Montreal Restaurant Revealed To Be Working For El Chapo's Infamous Drug Cartel

The city is a lot more corrupted than you thought.
Man Murdered In Montreal Restaurant Revealed To Be Working For El Chapo's Infamous Drug Cartel

Earlier this week we heard of the murder in cold blood that took place in Montreal's La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood. Hearing about this on it's own is extremely terrifying without even knowing any facts.

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TL;DR The murder that took place at a Montreal café earlier this week has now been confirmed to have ties to El Chapo. The victim worked closely with the drug cartel and smuggled cocaine into Canada before being sent to prison.

Which is why it's even more chilling to find out that the victim is actually one of El Chapo's workers. Yup, the most powerful drug trafficker in the world has (or had) workers from his drug cartel residing in Montreal.

Before the man, known as Philipos Kollaros, had been riddled with bullets at Café Cubano, he lived in a luxury condo suite in the downtown core. Said to have extremely strong ties with the Sinaloa cartel, this would make him apart of the biggest drug supplier on the continent.

Kollaros has been accused of being in direct contact with the cartel, as well as having access to massive quantities of cocaine. He's even been spotted by police in Montreal with members of a Colombian drug clan under special FBI watch! Needless to say, the Tuesday murder is a lot more corrupt than we ever could have imagined.

Sources say that the strong ties between Kollaros and the cartel were severed after a series of police raids in the Caribbean that led to the seizure of a bunch of cocaine meant to board a sailboat to Canada between 2013-2015.

During this period in time, two accomplices of Kollaros were murdered in other provinces. Three years ago he was pinned for plotting to import several tons of cocaine into the country, along with 12 other suspects in Quebec. 

Kollaros had only recently been released from prison Rivière-des-Prairies when he became one of 25 Montreal murder victims of this year. Now it's obvious this was a super orchestrated murder.

Sources have also confirmed that drug cartels are extremely present in Canada, meaning you can be among many more El Chapo workers than you ever could have imagined. 

Stay tuned for more information on Montreal's secret drug cartels. 


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