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Man Ran Over Himself In Mysterious Car Accident In Montreal's Rosemont

This is just weird.
Man Ran Over Himself In Mysterious Car Accident In Montreal's Rosemont

Well, here's your daily dose of weird on this sunny Wednesday morning. 

Every day in Montreal there are plenty of accidents, most of which aren't really anything to write home about - accidents happen. As Canadians who survive winter, car accidents are not a strange occurrence to us. 

Sometimes, though, the weirdest things can come about it motorist accidents. Remember a while back that crazy impossible accident that saw a vehicle driving up over another one? Check that out.

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Late last night in the Rosemont area of Montreal, first responders arrived at the scene of a car accident that saw a 31-year old man left in critical condition after being run over by a vehicle that rolled into 3 parked cars a short distance away. 

Initially, first responders thought the man who sustained injuries had been struck by this vehicle, but soon after police and paramedics on the scene realized what actually had happened and the accident paints a rather confusing picture. 

It seems as though this 31-year old driver actually fell out of his own car somehow, which then ended up running over himself! How on earth this is even possible is beyond me. 

This all happened at the corner of Bourbonnière and Saint-Joseph in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie borough.

Maybe he was a little drunk? Maybe he's overworked and fell asleep? But, then how did the door open? It sounds to more like an episode of some type of epileptic seizure or some other debilitating episode that must have rendered this man unconscious? 

Honestly, I don't even know what to make of this!

According to Montreal police, no one else sustained injuries or is involved in this accident at all, and the cause is still completely unknown. 

The driver of the car is in the hospital as of this morning with serious injuries, and unable to tell authorities exactly what transpired here. 

So, I guess this will be yet another mystery that won't be solved any time soon. 

Make what you will out of it, I'm stumped!


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