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Man Screams "POLICE" As Alleged Thief Runs Off With Stolen Xbox At Montreal's Outremont STM Metro Station (Video)

The man managed to escape on the metro, according to a witness.
Man Screams "POLICE" As Alleged Thief Runs Off With Stolen Xbox At Montreal's Outremont STM Metro Station (Video)

Montreal can be a scary place after dark... actually, it can be a scary place at any time of day.

But apparently, last night was more dangerous than usual, particularly at Outremont station where a man was caught on video allegedly running off with another man's Xbox! 

You can watch the video below.

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TL;DR In the video below you can see a man running through Outremont Station in Montreal after allegedly stealing another passenger's Xbox. In the video, the victim can be heard shouting for the Police while the thief runs to the trains headed to Snowdon Station.

The person who witnessed the incident managed to capture the alleged thief's escape on video, seen below.

In the video, you can hear the man whose things were stolen shouting for the police.

The anonymous reader who sent us the video detailed what they saw. Apparently, the man had three boxes: a PS4 Box, and Xbox One box, and a regular brown box.

The witness explained, "The guy ran after [the alleged theif] on the escalator and the boxes fell down and the guy started running backwards up the escalator shouting, 'Police! Police!'"

In the video, you can see the person running managed to get away with one of the three boxes.

@mtlblogembedded via  

The witness believes that he managed to escape onto another train, "in the direction of Snowdon."

The man then told the witness that "the thief picked up the stuff from him at the cash and ran away."

So it seems that the man had been planning the theft, since he was also seen with a "shopping basket," that he put the boxes in and "was holding it to his chest as if he was hugging it."

However, with all the boxes and the obstacle of running down the escalator, it seems that the alleged thief was unable to handle all three parcels and inevitably dropped them on the escalator.

As you can see, though, he does get away with one box.

"There were some people there that called the police when the guy started shouting," but the witness was not there to confirm if or when the police showed up.

Be careful out there, Montreal. Between all the potholes and icy sidewalks, it seems we need to keep our wits about us now more than ever.

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