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Man Shot Outside Gym In Laval, Suspect Is Still On The Loose

Another one?!
Man Shot Outside Gym In Laval, Suspect Is Still On The Loose

It's very disheartening to wake up in the morning to this type of news.  Although Montreal is generally a very safe city, every couple of weeks, we hear of homicide or attempted homicide in and around the city.

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This month, Laval seems to be the focus of attention for these types of dangerous crimes, as just in the past few weeks two individuals were brutally assaulted, and one actually killed.  

First, a 71-year-old-woman was violently killed last Saturday on the streets of Laval, and the suspect was finally identified.

This week we find that a middle age man gunned down in a gym parking lot in Laval. The man was rushed away to the hospital and he now remains in stable condition. 

Some media outlets have suspected that the victim was actually linked to a gang from the West Island, but none of this information can be fully confirmed at the moment. 

Needless to say, the police are still conducting a full investigation to find the shooter as he is still wandering the streets. 

If the public has any further information or tips they are always encouraged to help the police by calling in anonymously.


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