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Man Stabbed In Montreal's Chinatown And Suspect Is Still Unknown

There are some spots in Montreal that just give me the creeps. You know that distinct visceral feeling you get walking through a certain ominous park or street, it feels like there's someone following you, even though no one is actually there.

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That said, I spend a lot of time in China Town, because you know - food. Overall, I don't get the feeling that it's a dangerous place, except for this one spot. There is this one park tucked away behind Palais De Congres that transforms into a totally different world at night. 

Not only do many inebriated homeless individuals frequent this park, I just get this gut feeling that there are generally shady activities going on there.

My intuition has been validated this morning when I heard a story of a man who was stabbed in this park over the weekend.

According to a source atThe Gazette, it all started with an altercation between several people that escalated to a 38-year-old being stabbed.

Those who were involved in the fight scattered and one man was arrested, however, it's still uncertain whether this man is the one responsible for the stabbing.

All that to say that it's important not to ignore that gut feeling when walking in certain areas of the city - especially at night - your intuition is probably more accurate than you think.


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