Man Was Given A $548 For Writing "Fvck Harper" On His Car

That was an expensive art project.
Man Was Given A $548 For Writing "Fvck Harper" On His Car

A man from Edmonton was pulled over by a cop earlier this week. He wasn't driving erratically or anything but his car was decorated in a pretty original way. He decided to equip his vehicle with a large pink sign that read: "Fvck Harper."

The cop asked him to remove the sign but when the man refused, he was given a $548 fine.

The best part of all this is that the man's name is Rob Wells, that's the same name as a Canadian actor who you may know better as Ricky from Trailerpark Boys. And if you've ever seen the show, you know that's probably something Ricky would do.

The cop claimed that the fine was not because the sign obstructed Mr. Wells' vision, but because his sign might surprise or distract other drivers. Sorry for being a little syntactical, but last I heard they don't outlaw billboards and electronic signs on the side of the highway and those are way more distracting and require a lot more reading.


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