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Mandy Moore And Woody Harrelson Are Filming An All-New Movie In Montreal

Celeb buzz continues into the fall!
Mandy Moore And Woody Harrelson Are Filming An All-New Movie In Montreal

Is it just me or is this summer crazy for celeb spotting in Montreal? Seems like every week we catch wind of some A-list star strolling around the city.

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We've seen photos of Adam Sandlerhilariously crashing this Montreal wedding. Jennifer Aniston is also here for a more extended period of time filming a movie with Adam Sandler as well. She's been spotted several times looking sleek and beautiful, as usual.  And dreamy Patrick Dempsey was spotted earlier this summer taking pics with fans on the street. 

We have good news for all you celeb-lovers out there, we just heard that Mandy Moore and Woody Harrelson will be in Montreal soon to film a movie called Midway.

@mandymooremmembedded via  

The war film Midway will be directed by Independence Day director  Roland Emmerich and is actually a remake of a 1976 version starring Jane Fonda and Charlton Heston.

This huge production will be filmed in Montreal from September 25th until December 7th, so don't be shocked if you spot some of these stars strolling around the city this fall.

Although the release date from the film has not yet been released, it's so exciting to watch a big production and know that it was filmed on the beautiful streets of Montreal.


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